Calibre Club

If you are the best, you deserve to be connected to the best. Calibre Club opens an exclusive door designed for those committed to play property game at a level few may ever attain. Limited to a small elite group of serious players, Calibre Club provides an unmatchable experience to personally collaborate with and learn from best of the best real estate moguls in this country.

The Most Powerful Business Proposition

Most of investors would agree property development is very exciting and financially rewarding. But it is also a risky business with many challenges. Among many people who have claimed that they have done property development before, few have possessed the skill to truely master it.

Calibre Business

For the first time, as a Calibre member, you’ll be given the exclusive opportunity to become a business partner with industry leaders. Leveraging their experiences, connections and financial capacities to extract huge profits and realise impressive ROI from property development while keeping the risk to the absolute minimum.

Even if you’re new to property development, this partnership will ensure you’re lightyears ahead of many traditional developers who claim to have loads of experience.

It’s way beyond business. It’s a privilege.

The Pinnacle of Property Education

The level of education you receive here is a huge departure from your average encounter. It’s an experience engaging all the senses. You will have access to well-guarded secrets from our handpicked world class speakers; secrets which they reserve only for their “in crowd”; secrets which enable you to forge (lay the foundations of) your own real estate empire.

Calibre Tower

In Australia, there is no other chance for you to see from the inside where the real industry pioneers hang out, while stretching and growing yourself at the same time.

Peer Connection

Calibre Club is formed by a group of blessed, dynamic, beautiful individuals who are all committed to reaching personal and professional achievement, and to giving back and sharing their good fortune with society.

Peer Connection

Peer group like this provides the unprecedented opportunity to network with each other. They lean on each other, give advice, share connections and do business with each other when appropriate.

Nothing liberates your greatness like the desire to help, the desire to serve.

Are you the right Calibre?