Meet your Property Investment A-Team.

Property investing is not as simple as just purchasing properties. It starts with in-depth market research, cashflow analysis all the way up to establishing suitable financing & tax strategy, maximising asset protection as well as ongoing property management. It’s a business in its own nature. This is the exact reason why investing is a team sport.

Being a PREER member, you will be given the opportunity to share the spotlight with our all-star line up of advisors who are true pros in each of their own field. By connecting to them, you are about to move beyond any media hype and start to play real estate at a whole new level.

Lei Feng

Founder // Tech Enthusiast

I’m good at singing, but hopeless at dancing. I’m not a self-made millionaire who went bankrupt until having learnt a life changing secret. I’m just a normal guy who turns out to have great passion in property and are happy to share with others what I’ve learnt over the years.

Paul Raimondo

Investment & Asset Management // Pilot Wannabe

I hope you don’t confuse my good looks with those traditional, flamboyant property sales people. To be frank, I used to be one. Through the hundreds of property transactions I’ve been involved with I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Armed with this knowledge, I want to reveal to you the truth behind most property deals and help you make the right investment decisions that truly suit your needs...not just empty promises.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

- Michael Jordan

The Winning Formula - what everybody ought to know about Property Investment.